Home consultation

In a typical breastfeeding consultation, we take a full clinical history, observe a feed and work on position and attachment, do an intraoral examination, a full physical examination of your baby, weigh baby if needed, answer your questions, give you relevant printed evidence-based information and afterward we give you a full written Consultation Report/Feeding Plan.

Initial home / Hospital visit (approximately 90 - 120 minutes. We like to be on "baby time"; so we don't like to rush or limit time)* and this includes PPE cost:
£150.00** per consultation 

Follow up visit (60 - 90 minutes)*:
£110.00** per consultation 

Saturday visits/bank holidays

Sunday visits

Late evening (after 7.00 pm) visits

Follow-up phone calls and text messages are taken at no additional charge

Mileage not charged

* During the hours of 9am – 5pm.

** Please contact individual LCs to confirm their fee

Remote/Skype consultation

In light of the latest COVID-19 pandemic, we are  also currently offering care via telehealth.  Using a remote/online platform, we can assist you with most breastfeeding issues.

We have provided remote consultations via video platforms for the past decade here in the UK and all around the world.

£70.00 for first hour then £1 per extra minute


Consultation at Indira's home Clinic in Wimbledon/Merton Park

You are welcome to come to my home clinic, a separate stunning and private studio!  You can expect a cup of tea while you settle on a comfortable sofa. Feel free to bring your partner or anybody else if you want to, and parking available right outside.

Initial consultation (approximately 90 - 120 minutes; I like to be on "baby time"; so I don't like to rush or limit time), this includes the cost of the PPE:

Follow up (60 - 90 minutes)*

2 Tongue-tie Follow up sessions (30 minutes each)*
At Indira’s clinic in Wimbledon: £80.00
Home consultation: £120.00

Recommended post-frenulotomy to check that the wound is healing successfully and to provide ongoing breastfeeding support with position and attachment; as sometimes your baby needs to re-learn how to breastfeed optimally and also to follow up on any other ongoing breastfeeding issues.

Create your own home visiting pack (all include cost of PPE):

Package 1 - £320.00*
An antenatal visit during pregnancy
Two postnatal visits (hospital  or home)

Are you having an elective C-section birth but want to get breastfeeding started in the right direction?

This package includes an antenatal visit to show you the art of hand expression and ante natal collection of colostrum, a visit in hospital if needed once you have given birth and a third visit in the comfort of your home.  Or two visits at home.

Package 2 - £320.00
Three postnatal visits (hospital / home)*

Packages are non-refundable.

Why not get a Gift Voucher as a present for parents to be or new parents?


* Additional fees might apply outside working hours, weekends and bank holidays

** Please contact individual LCs to confirm their fee