Here are some kind words from clients we have supported.

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“No amount of books, web resources or antenatal training can quite prepare us for the challenges and subtleties involved in breastfeeding a newborn baby. I attended my first LLL Wimbledon meeting when our daughter was just four weeks old, and left feeling both relieved and hugely inspired. Relieved that so many mothers had experienced issues…

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“How many babies did you see breast feed today? In the whole of my life (all 43 years of it) I had only ever seen one woman breast feed briefly. As a result, breast feeding becomes an unusual and rather mysterious phenomenon. I never thought that I wouldn’t be able to breast feed and when…

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“I am still taking several galactogogues and I am producing more milk and giving it to my baby. I have not given up!!!! I feel our breastfeeding relationship has greatly improved and i have totaly accepted my current situation and my role as a breastfeeding mother. I would like to thank you for all the…

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“I also wanted to send you my thanks…. You may recall I was one of the pregnant ladies at the last meeting. My baby was breech, but we were still hopefully he would turn in time for a natural birth. following every trick in the book, including 2 ECVs, he didn’t turn and was born…

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“Jonathan lost weight in the first few days and was jaundice, so we had to supplement him. I was then told I had thrush and was about to give up when we saw my LC. Her prescence was very reassuring, and all information was very thorough. Even though I had seen countless breastfeeding experts and…

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Thank you for everything you have done for us! Thank you for all the information and support in the early days when Martha lost weight and breastfeeding was not going well. Those were difficult times as we were receiving so much contradictory advice from the well intentioned health professionals. Thank you for guiding us on…

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“Happy new year! I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with Charlotte in 2012. We have just had a lovely holiday and everything has fallen into place. Charlotte is doing so well. Her tummy is now totally settled and she is eating tons of food everyday! We are still very…

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“Just a quick update for you. I feel feeding has improved as we are feeding comfortably without injury and Hudson seems more efficient – lots of gulping and good swallowing. 🙂 I am feeling very positive about our nursing future. 🙂 I’m still wearing the breast collection shells and collecting an average surplus of 280…

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“Our son was born prematurely. The first month we had to spend so much time in hospital, for several medical reasons. It was a very intense and emotional time. Our IBCLC support’s was essential. I sincerely have no idea how I could have achieved exclusive breastfeeding without her help. Her continuous kind support, visiting us…

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Karen Kent

She was so clear and explained everything in ways that made a massive impact. She is truly inspirational. Her teaching was superb because she is so wise, warm and interesting to listen to. She is a brilliant communicator too and good listener. I really enjoyed learning from her.

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