Breasteeding London Clinic

Our Breastfeeding London Clinic is run by IBCLCs, providing excellence in support and continuity of care. It is held in a welcoming environment and is accessible to all mothers needing support with breastfeeding in the Merton community.

We are offering both options: in person and remotely sessions. Many breastfeeding issues can be resolved through a Telebreastfeeding (remote/online via Zoom) consultation.  But other more challenging breastfeeding issues would benefit from seeing an IBCLC in person. 

We believe the highest quality of breastfeeding support should be affordable and available to everyone.  For this reason, we run a free/low-cost breastfeeding support clinic as part of our commitment to support our local community.

Every Monday from 13.30-15.30 by appointment only. Suggested donations:

1-hour first appointment: £20

30-minutes follow up an appointment: £10

Clinic location: SW19 3DS

To book an appointment please email:

Or call/text: 07765743693

For more information, please visit our website by clicking HERE


Breasteeding London Clinic